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What do you value in life?  What is it that makes life worth the living for you? 

Here are some of my values:

I value prayer, because communion with God is what life is all about.

I value living with integrity, worshiping from the heart, learning everyday.

I value my family, because children are a gift from God, and a good wife is delightful.

I value friends, because they make the journey interesting and enjoyable; perhaps even liveable and worthwhile.

I value God’s Word,– it is the truth, and truth matters. Through the Word I grow in my love for God, my family, my friends and my church.

I value the church, (here is a passion area of my life), I know that it was for the universal church that Christ died, but it is through the local church that His resurrected life manifests itself daily. Through her ministries people come to know His amazing love for them and find new purpose and hope to carry on.

I value commitment, because life is way too short to waste halfheartedly.

I value things that go beep and light up the darkness – electronics of many types as tools to bring people together.  I don't mind saying I'm a geek!

I value the great outdoors, being in natural settings enjoying and capturing my Father's handiwork

I value the arts, utilizing and observing the creative gifts that God has given brings great joy. 

I believe that God designed me to help those who help others, to discover and reconnect with Jesus in new and deeper ways by utilizing teaching, preaching, spiritual coaching, technology and prayer. 

I strive for personal excellence while living each day to the fullest in Christ.  I enjoy leading folks closer to Christ by utilizing the gifts, talents and abilities God has blessed me with.  I try not to settle for mediocrity, but instead I am constantly looking for new ways of experiencing God’s love while helping others where and when I can to do the same. I truly enjoy loving those whom God places in my path knowing that they are potentially eternal friends.  I enjoy learning, laughing, living, loving and hopefully will until my final breath.

So what is it that you value?