Acts Chapter 1

ACTS-Study at Grace

In this study we will hit on many different topics as we learn from the first believers in Christ on how to live out the Christian life in situations that are both familiar and perhaps completely foreign to us.  Each week that Pastor Blake preaches on Acts you’ll have opportunity to reflect and post questions relevant to your walk with Christ and the passage at hand.  In fact there is so much to cover that for the next couple of years our home groups and this blog will focus on the passages that we cover on Sunday mornings.  So bookmark this study and keep coming back. 

Please keep your questions focused on specific verses in Acts  already covered in the sermon series.  (In other words don’t jump to Acts 22:3 when we are only at Acts 1:8 but do feel free to post verses that you feel are suitable cross references for the passage or help raise questions which help us better understand the current passage.  We will eventually make our way through the whole book.  

This blog will be moderated and all submissions will be seen before the world gets to view them.  Spam filters are in place and most hyper-links are shut off but we’ll do our best to keep it about Acts and not about the usual trash that spammers like to send.  To post you’ll need to submit your real name (which will at your discretion appear or not with the post).    If you want a weekly reminder to view the blog let me know otherwise we’ll try to keep the emails to a minimum. 


Pastor Blake

 Week One:

Acts 1:1-8 Power to Witness to Who?

Sermon video here:

Acts 1:1-8 Audio only-In All Things Giving Thanks
Discussion group questions.  (These are only suggestions to get the discussion going.  If you have a question enter it and we can look at those during the week.)
1.  If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go?

2.  What would take with you?

3.  Are you a Theophilus? (v1)

4.  How long was it between the time Jesus rose from the death ’til he ascended into heaven?  What did he do during that time?  (v3-4)  Why?

5.  Do you like to be told to wait?  What would you have done with Jesus Command in v. 4.

6.  Have you been baptized by the Holy Spirit.  Describe what happened or how you came to believe that you were baptized.  V5

7.  What kingdom were the disciples asking Jesus about?  Here’s a hint: Gen 49:10; Isa 1:26; 9:6,7; Jer 23:5,6; 33:15-17;26; Eze 37:24-27; Dan 7:27; Hos 3:4 Joel 3:16-21; Am 9:11; Obadiah 1:17-21; Mic 5:2; Zephaniah 3:15-17; Zec 9:9; Mt 20:21; Luke 22:29   What do you think about the Mayan calender running out in December?

8.  What purpose did Jesus give the disciples? v8

9.  Do you feel Pastor Blake’s exhortation on verse 8 is valid?  If so who are the people you know in the circles?  How have you been a witness or how will you be one in the future?

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