All in a Friday

morning fog after the rains

We started off this balmy friday morning with what was supposed to be a quick trip to the doctors for Ashley and Lorna. The Doctor was late…the lab took longer than usual…(but Catherine had a neat experience of peering into the microscope to see the malaria cells swimming about!!!) …the meds for malaria took a while in coming. So this made us two hours late for the first event today and each event thereafter.
But in usual African time we were welcomed at each event, late or not.

Our first event was the building dedication at Matunda.

MATUNDA building project

Of course this was not just a prayer and a clip of the scissors. We had to have a whole service around it. Including a praise and worship time followed by the preaching of the word by Pastor Blake. Then a momento of appreciation from the churches of Matunda. Scarves and skirts for the Ladies and beaded belts for the men. More worship and praise with the church choir leading us. And then it was time to dance our way out of the church and around to the new office for a prayer of dedication.

Of course once that was through we had to eat. We were shoulder to shoulder as we ate at pastor Isaac’s. Then the team was split in two with half going to Fafarol and the rest ending up at doctor Bramwel’s house for…you guessed it more food. Matunda means fruit in Kenya. And we were well treated to local produce.

From there is was to Golden Castle School where we were warmly welcomed. see video below

Hi.gail here…..Blake forgot to mention the magnificent driving of Jimmy, as he navigated the slick road up to the school. When it pours rain here in the afternoon, all the unpaved roads turn into a particularly sticky kind of gumbo that helps the van slide sideways down the lane!!

After the school we slipped home, hoping to go to the hospital on the way so the nurses could have a visit. Unfortunately, our late morning start finally caught up with us, and we missed the window of opportunity to visit there.

Home for snacks for those who were hungry, and the Pure Love Now Media crew arrived to pack the van inside and on top with bodies and equipment, and most of us were off to the nursing school on a bruising 3 km dirt road ride in the pitch blackness at 7:30 to present a service of worship, a sermon from Pastor Blake (gail still has not got much of a voice!) and a Pure Love Now presentation and loads of music to dance by!

The gospel was clearly presented, and while I know of no new converts this night, certainly the response of the student nurses (both men and women) was very positive and encouraging. Students committing to practise their faith in the midst of their medicine practise, to pray for their patients and to trust God for healing and direction in their lives. We were also aware of at least 2 Moslem girls in the crowd, and special silent prayers went up that they might have ears to hear the Gospel!

Home once again about 11:00, most of us crashed, a few of us blogged or worked on pictures, and the Kenyan youth stayed up and visited! morning comes early with breakfast call at 7:30 and the medical clinic at Bikeke to follow! It is supposed to be a half day clinic, and everyone except gail went along…I’m ‘resting’ at home blogging, in town grocery shopping and making stir fry for supper!!!

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