Gail’s AMAZING volcano tour



well, i learned something yesterday…. VOG…..  volcano fog…… when the wind shifts away from NE  to SE all the smoke and steam  from the active volcano on the big island drifts over the Hawaiian island chain and sits low on the land and sea like a thick gray blanket.  When we took off for our scheduled volcano air tour i was prepared to be disappointed, because of the vog, but over the channel and around the shoulder of the mountain and a clear view of the lava fields opened up before us.


“Following departure from Kapalua Airport, you fly along the south shore of Maui past Haleakala (or weather permitting, we’ll fly over Haleakala!) and then cross the Alenuihaha Channel to the northern tip of the Big Island. You fly over the Parker Ranch, view the world class observatories at the top of Mauna Kea and fly over Kilauea and proceed to the active volcano area.”


a litttle quote from wikipedia:


Shield volcanoes are built by effusive eruptions, which flow out in all directions to create a shield like that of a warrior.  Because of their gradual buildup and near-continuous eruptive characteristics, shield volcanoes vary widely in size with their age.[3] Mature shield volcanoes are the largest volcanoes on Earth.[4][n 1] Shield volcanoes often measure 3 to 4 mi (5 to 6 km) in diameter and surpass 1,500 to 2,000 ft (460 to 610 m) in height. The largest shield volcano (and the largest active volcano) in the world is Mauna Loa in Hawai?i, which projects 13,677 ft (4,169 m) above sea level,[1] and is over 60 mi (97 km) wide.


Bill was tellling us that measured  from the sea floor Mauna Loa is 54 thousand feet high!!!!!!!  Hope you enjoy this little taste of God’s creative power as much as we did!




gail mike and g’ma shirley


ps i shot over 800 photos 😉


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