B.E.G.I.N. in Penticton

Have you noticed that not everyone chooses to enter a church building? The truth is here in Canada the vast majority of Canadians do not regularly attend church. It is sad but true. Yet we believe that everyone needs an opportunity to get to know and follow Jesus Christ. So if people will not come in where the fellowship is friendly and warm we must B.E.G.I.N. where they are. Bring Every Gentile Intimate News in Penticton and beyond that Jesus loves them and we do too.

We can do this in a number of practical ways. And we at Grace try to. But sometimes we need help to reach folks that are on the edge and in need of a special touch of grace.
Pastor Peter Harris is a friend of Grace that we at Grace have supported for many years. We have at times come along side of him as he meets in open spaces sharing a warm meal and the intimate news of God’s love. But did you ever wonder what he does in a typical week?
Today Pastor Peter gave us a look into the past couple of weeks in his life. Listen in as he shares how God moved him to come along side of people hurting in Penticton and beyond and how Christ’s mercy flows through willing┬ávessels.

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