Bikeke & The God of Second Chances

I can’t believe it is Saturday again. This week flew by and today was the last of the planned medical camps. Our last trip to Bikeke ended with about 60 people in line and more trying to get in the back door. So we told them that we would return if supplies allowed. The supplies came in thanks to the folks at Grace and Central Heights and so we got an early start on the bluest sky day we had this trip. The sun was hot and the roads were Kenyan sculptured carpet to begin the day and rivers of rainwater by the time we left.
Dr. Bramwel joined us again and we actually made to Bikeke and the church for the clinic by 9:10am.
Here are some of the pictures of this rather beautiful day. Several of us took a prayer walk through the area and invited folks to come and find medicine for their ailments.

About mid day I (Blake) spoke with the waiting crowd and shared with them the Medical Camp Gospel story. Many of them had been the ones who took the wait and see attitude the last time but now they were in the line awaiting their turn to visit the doctor. But even this time there were a few who stood just off to the side waiting for what I’m not sure. As I finished the story I and my interpreter Isaac gave an opportunity for the folks to accept Christ’s free gift of eternal life. About 10 people indicated that they wanted to receive that gift and we prayed for and welcomed them into Christ’s Kingdom.

This time we chose 1 pm as the cut off for the medical camp. It was a good thing too! As the last person entered the church to see the doctors and nurses the cloud burst open and the rains were deafening on the tin roof. Check out the video here when it becomes available.

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