Pure Love Youth -Birthday Blessings!


And that’s EXACTLY what we all did today. Our usual gang breakfast was followed by team devotions and then the plans started falling into place…..get the goat (butchered but in quarters), send the van several times to collect youth…run errands for electrical stuff..make food…nyama choma (roast goat) tomato and onion salad, meet more youth, have afternoon devotions, make ugali (corn meal), play loud music, make chappaties, cook kale, mingle, cook 2 kinds of rice.

making Ashley's BD cake

Most of the cooking is done outside on small charcoal burners. Interspersed with all this food is the lovin on the youth. Encouragement flowed freely, along with juice and Kenya tea. These young persons are the future of their country and they love Jesus. They are hungry to be better leaders than the previous generation. They are not angry or even idealistic, in many ways they are thoughtful and deeply concerned about their nations future. They are asking questions and wrestling with possibilities. Kenya has many natural resources, and development of these in a wise way is a concern for many of these folks. Finding (or creating) a job, choosing a good marriage partner, finishing an education, these are all normal to our Canadian youth as well, But being abandoned to the streets, raising siblings, never knowing where next months one thousand shilling rent (1000 shillings is about 13 dollars) is going to come from. These things are not normal to us Canadians. Intertwined with the serious topics is the laughter and spontanaity of youth, they asked us tons of questions also, and each of the team had many conversations with individuals, just sharing time and space and personal attention.

The day finished with a huge meal together, and of course birthday blessings and speeches for Ashley! That young lady is a great sport, and she followed along with all the hijinx as she was sung to, encouraged to eat her piece of birthdaycake all in one mouthful!!! She was dribbled with water, doused with water from a bottle, and finally simply deluged in a water bath outside in the compound!! HAPPY BATHDAY ASHLEY! You are loved!!!

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