Car Jockies and Little Angels


20120430-193534.jpgSitting in the van waiting for the assortment of car mechanics to do what they do. I’m using blakes iPod. And for those who know me that’s a miracle!….Im not sure how to post. Need to stop to pix a sunset…i pushed a ‘publish’ button and it seems to have worked 😉

It’s ok Gail, LIFE is full of those little tech moments and this trip will be no different.  Used vehicles have a way of rattling loose over the carpeted roads of Kenya so frequent trips to the fundi’s are necessary. 
Later at home, no power…again! waited about 30 min and it just came on so it was a short outage overall…..about 3 hours, and we were away for most of it. Ladies are now in the kitchen making supper…9 team members and only 3 guests tonight (so far!)

Today has been a very creative patchwork quilt. Morning was a round table breakfast (boiled eggs, toast, sliced fruit and team devotions, with music, songs of praise and planning. Off in the van into town and Lorna and the nurses went out to a ‘counselling’ date with one of the PureLoveNow ladies. The rest of us stopped at the wholesale shop for two HUGE 25 kilo sacks of rice and delivered them along with the Okanagan Gleaners soup to the orphanage.

The mood and atmosphere at the Little Angels appeared very good, and the kiddies basically happy and fairly healthy…but it is a difficult situation. They are seriously overcrowded, there is no running water in the buildings and food is a weekly if not daily battle. There are sacks of chicken feed in the shed, but no people food. The government here does not provide funds for orphanages, all are sustained by benefactors.

Our own lunch was at the local Iroko Boulevard Cafe….Kenya tea, chapatties, sausages or beef stew or meat pie! A little bit of culture shock after the orphanage! Then a little road side shopping for Kenya carvings, and off to the car ‘dealership’ where we waited in the van while various men and their welding torches worked on engine and wheel parts…please ask the guys if you really need to know what they did!!! Blake says it was a bearing on the front shocks, stabalizer bearing and some roof rack bolts, and they tightened the muffler also as these carpeted Kenya roads are hard on things like that.

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