Mailisaba – Fafarol – Penda (Love) Church

Our shortened trip to Busia left time for Pastor Gail to speak in Mailisaba and Pastor Blake to revisit Fafarol.
Even before getting into Penda Church (Fafarol) the choir could be heard.

When Jesus knocks on the door of your heart open it.
This church is alive! They crammed crammed about 100 people into that tiny house and there was so much joy! Outside there were even more people singing and praising God and being a part of this little house church.
During the service, the people were celebrating that a year ago when I was by I had prayed that God would release through them the finances to buy a piece of property and build a permanent structure. The cost of the land was 200,000 KSh. This is a farm community and most of the folks are hardly making ends meet. But God is amazing! He blessed through a number of the faithful in this flock and within one year they own the land clear of debt.
The morning I was there they were believing on God for the resources to build the toilets and praying and believing that by December 2012 they would be in their new church building. Is that awesome or what!

In the last year they reported that more than 22 people were baptized into this fellowship and many many people have come to find the love of God in this church called Love (Penda).

L.I.F.E. – Love Christ First by Loving Others

note from Gail: Mailisaba is a gentle yet strong church, hungry for Jesus and lead by a kind and faithful pastor. This was only the third sunday in their new mud walled/tinroofed building. I did not ask,but i suspect the floor was a mixture of mud and cow manure (keeps down the flies, and dries rock hard!) I truly enjoyed the worship time with them. The Lord has been deeply impressing on me the need to speak of faith and practise….believing and LIVING WHAT WE BELIEVE, and i have prayed for grace to give such strong words to the local church. LIVING TRUTH is the theme of the last few messages. The folks seem attentive and appreciative of the encouragement to be Jesus people in their land and times.

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