Early Tuesday Morning

African night sounds! mostly crickets..L O U D crickets! some frogs, and dogs. As usual in the rainy season,an early evening thunder and rain shower.   Monday was a very long day. Up at 6, breakfast at 6;30, devotions at 7;00, on the bus at 7;30…off to pick up student nurses and some of the young guys, so the van was eventually crammed, and we Travelled “Kenya style”….tent strapped on top in the luggage carrier and 18 peole in an 11 seater toyota van.! at least we did not have the side door open with three more people hanging on standing on the door sill!

My numbers might be a little out, but i think I heard the nursing team in Bikeke attended 279 individual people yesterday!!   a lot of eye problems, worms, infections, lung problems.  Dr Bromwell is a dedicated caring man, and our nurses made us proud as they served alongsside…I am not sure they really got a break all day!!  we finally returned home close to 7pm. After the groundbreaking ceremony and prayertime at Matunda we abandoned Mike to his shovels and bricks, when he returned on a pikipiki (see phto) there was much laughter all around!

Children are the same the world over.  They shyly watch, they smile, they crowd around, then they play around you and with you, touch the Mazungu skin, (and my blondish hair)  and eventually crawl onto your lap.    most are single parent families, few men are around, and those few often disabled in some way.  All day in line, patiently waiting, chatting, gathering friends, there were still quite a few in line when it was time to stop.    Time for me to stop so I can upload photos to go with this note!

kwaheri!! (goodbye)

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Sunday Nite

Weather is amazingly comfortable.  cooler at nights and only very humid in afternoon storms. However, long walks in the noonday sun makes us very red!  we liberally use sun screen, hats at times, and shade too!

Walks in the neighbourhood mean we can meet the kids,  some of them very frightened of the first mazungu they have ever seen.  after the kids, the mammas come to talk, and some dads also.  English is a second language here in Kenya so almost everyone has a small understanding, and that helps our broken Swahili go farther.

Church this morning was jam packed!  and the team well received.  bulletin says the service starts at 10:00 am and finishes at 12:45!!!!!    we did not quite start on time, but were only 10 minutes late ending!

First thing tomo morning we head off to Matunda for the ground breaking ceremony and the building project, and also the first medical clinic.    time to quite chatting, and post some pix, and then its bed for me!!!  Only Cath and I are still up at 11;19pm!

g’nite all
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