Grace to Faith where T.I.M.E.

My home for the next couple of weeks:


Arriving after midnight asleep by 1:30am…compression…hmmmm!  Up at 6:30am for two morning services at one of Kitale’s largest churches.

I’m a small church kind of guy!  I love the close interaction that comes in the smaller churches.  Everyone knows each other by name and you feel a lot more like the family of God.   Big churches seem so impersonal and less friendly.  Faith CC is an exception.   Somehow you always feel at home there.  The people are warm and friendly greeting you with smiles.    If in Kitale…try Faith CC if you like Big Church excitement.

The first service I felt at home (only about 50-60 people came out)  But the worship was awesome!  Very African and LOUD!  Note to self…always remember earplugs when going to church in Kenya.  This group even laughed at the appropriate times in my sermon…how refreshing 🙂

The second service was packed out  including balcony (600-700ish).  It was about noon when I got up to preach…body time 2am.   Hey I can actually preach in my sleep!  God was doing amazing things during both of these services.  I’ll try to post a video clip when I get back so you can see what I mean.  But the alter was full with those seeking intimate contact with the Almighty.  I was so blessed to see them kneeling there for what seemed such a long time.


My theme for this year of True Intimacy was well received though I’m told by my handlers here that what I said made a few people very uncomfortable.   God is so good!  He comforts the afflicted and inflicts the comfortable!

After 7 hours in church — yup 7 it was time to rest.  Unfortunately when I’m so pumped on the Holy Spirit the last thing my body wants to do is rest!   So eventually I just collapsed in bed and slept through the night until about 1:30am…ugh!   That would be 3:30pm body time 🙂  Who sleeps in the afternoon anyway?

Monday we worked on the equipment I brought from Canada getting ready to disperse it to those whom it was intended for.  One stop was Imani Radio & Now TV too!   My friend Ptallah has blessed me with a half hour spot on TV and Radio to be aired this week.  Did I mention I was a small church kind of guy?   I’ve never sought the spot light. Not sure I’m going to start now. But I was blessed by the offer.
Tomorrow is Burnt Forest day…read about that place here:

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