Kisarean – Church under a tree

This was my second visit to this wonderful and joyful congregation under a tree. They have such big hearts! Five large Maasai families have come together to form this vibrant church. Pastor Jackson Kierie leads this group who are building a church/preschool a ways over the hill. You can check out the videos here after we land back in Canada. The people walk from all over the valley and even several vallies around to be with us this day.

The road on the way in is full of potholes and much of it has been washed out in the heavy rains. The rains are a mixed blessing. After three years of drought the area is finally green again and able to sustain the livestock that provides their living wages.
Our service focused on Psalm 133 and of course L.I.F.E. forevermore. We encouraged the group that their faithfulness with building was showing. And we left a seed to help them continue to build. They of course treated us to lamb and chapaties before excusing our hasty departure. We could see the rains approaching and desired to spare them the added expense of putting up our team for the night. God was gracious and held back the rain until we had safely climbed back out of the valley. And then the clouds burst and the valley was engulfed in one of those huge storms.
This was truly spectacular scenery including the incoming storms.
We made an unscheduled stop at pastor Jackson’s home on our way back up out of the valley our van got stuck in the muck while the rest of us walked up the hill to see the Pastor’s humble dwelling. And the main purpose for this stop was to pray for the pastor’s kids who were sick.
We made it a very brief stop passing up chai as the storm was chasing us back to Nairobi.

As we got in by 6 we decided to have a quick trip to the Maasai market for some souveniers and some high pressure haggling. Catherine at one point fed up with the persistent salesmen screamed, threw her arms in the air and left hastily. The salesman followed her out of the store and quickly accepted her final offer. She’s a great negotiator! Everyone found shopping at Nakumart much more relaxing.

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