leaving maui

Goodmorning….. the air is soft, the breeze is light, the VOG (volcanic fog) makes things hazy, but last nights sunset was a special color of red/orange as light refracted through the dust.  It is a learning curve for sure,  i had hoped to see some volcano flows and the lava sea entry, and we did have a very special flight last week to view the big island, but along with the activity comes the steam and smoke and constant dust particles in the air.  When the trade winds sweep in from the northeast, the air clears and everything sparkles again.  Our morning whale show was a mom and calf lazily sweeping through maalea bay.  we have been excited to see whales EVERY DAY of our stay here.


the island still grows sugar cane and yesterday morning we saw a gigantic smoke plume that turned out to be the burning of a cane field.  harvest is mechanical with big trucks and various machines hauling the cane away to the factory.  later when we returned home i needed to sweep and wash the lanai as the soot from the fire had liberally coated everything in sight with black ash!!!

this is our last full day at menehune shores,  tomo we slip away and into the hotel in kahului for the night, and fly on friday to vancouver, another overnight hotel and i will take mom home via the ferry into nanaimo on saturday.  it has been a lovely holiday and i have so happily shared photos and thots with you all.  thanks for your interest, comments and encouragement.


todays photos are a variety, an old plantation house, a papaya tree, and of course a few of the spectacular sea cliffs on the island of moloki…  now that is a place i would like to explore…;-)


blessings and aloha to all




and g’ma shirley


ps  there is a whole load of photos in the rental underwater camera…..when i return to canada i will send one last email with some of the sea critters portraits!

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