Machewa Wednesday

FroggieFrogs and more frogs!! first they croak outside all evening. by 11:00 they are quiet and settled for the night…until the big squeak comes…”there is a frog in the bedroom!!!” sure enough, a lithe gold/green critter is meandering its way up the outside of the mosquito netting: posing nicely for pix he was then escorted outside. later the same evening the dog yipped incessantly, and I, armed with a broom, ventured out to discover the source of the anxiety…. this time a B I G greenish frog..about the size of a naval orange!!! a little encouragement from the broom sent the frog scurrying to safety in the dirt clods and away from the concrete wall of the house where the dog had cornered it. Sorry, no pix of frog!

Taking the cucu to market

Worship and excellent sermon earlier today in a little mountain town up the slopes of Mt Elgon (sp?) The darkish soil smells very different at elevation, the trees and vegetation more lush, the plots of land often well fenced and many thatched and mud daubed houses well cared for. The little church has a gift of music and the singing and dancing were energetic and heartfelt. After service and prayers Catherine and Gail gave their personal testimony, followed by a delicious chicken and rice lunch specially prepared and served by the village women. The cooked food was safe for us to eat, but we were warned…’don’t drink the water!’ We escaped the mountain before the afternoon rains came and trapped us in its muddy torrents. Safely home again the monsoon was a good excuse for Ashley and Lorna to do some personal grooming!! Yes, that’s shampoo!

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