Macutano T.I.M.E. to retool

Back to School. In this case Bible College. It was a small one room Bible College lead by a keen teacher whose love for The Lord and His Word are plainly evident. But it’s Monday, and its suppose to be a day of rest for those who Pastor, preach and teach all week long. The room is full only the front seats remain. Just like church ūüôā
What do you teach teachers? How about a different way to teach? Our dynamic Bible studies like the one on Acts that you see to the side of this blog are actual studies that we at Grace have gone through. But are they cross cultural I wondered?
We began in Acts 5:33 and the discussion was immediately  lively.  We began by reading the portion in two languages, English and Swahili.  Then I got them started with the first question and once as Pastor Tim caught where I was going the discussion changed to Swahili and stayed there for several minutes of what seemed intense debate. Each question was kind of like winding up a top and letting it go, the response began lively but as the spin slowed I would ask another very related question and almost immediately the discussion resumed in Swahili.

It was great to see the participation and how they eagerly grasped the lesson and ran with it. After a short mendazzi break, (it’s like a doughnut, sweet to eat but oh so bad for the diet) After the break we gave them a choice, as we’d been teaching and talking for 2 and a half hours they could simply take what they’ve learned and have the rest of the day off or we could continue into chapter 6. ¬†They immediately elected to go on to Acts 6 and more than 2 more hours flew by. ¬†The discussion remained lively and it was great to see some of those moments when the Lord revealed knew things. ¬† The eagerness was wonderful to see.

Seems that the questions are cross cultural enough.  We made it about as far in each lesson as we do in Canada and the methodology was embraced warmly and eagerly.

When it was time to part ways many requested the web address so they could continue the study and lead others to know the Word in this way.    Mission accomplished.

Teach the Word in season and out!

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