Market in Lahaina then the lavender farm

We were all set for a glass bottom boat adventure but it’s too windy again to go out on the water…hopefully we will go on tuesday.

this is our last week on Maui and all I can say is wow and thanks be to God for the special treasure of this place. I will always be grateful we came for a month rather than trying to see this island paradise in too much of a hurry. We have rested, played, adventured, returned to favorite spots like the Ahihi reserve to snorkle, walked on the beach near home, visited aquariums, dolphins, beaches, coves and markets all over the place. Mike has wandered almost every public road on the island, including several creative dead ends!!

as todays adventure with the boat was cancelled, we spent some time chatting with other tourists at the saturday market under the banyan tree in Lahaina, then drove half way up the flanks of the volcano and into another climate zone to visit the lavender farm. The lavender itself does not bloom until summer, but the gardens and walkways are fragrant and colorful and even concealed a special little green 3 horned chameleon!!!

Hopefully there is no rain in the morning as we would like to attend the historic little Anglican church out in the open under the palm trees, it is only 2 blocks away!! a little snorkeling at Ahihi reserve and then a sunset whale watch are on the books…

Mike and mom are off to bed, as the crashing waves on the menehune rocks is a bit of a lulluby… I had better send off these pix and go to bed too!!


g m and g’ma shirley

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