MATUNDA building project

Monday April 16 was the ground breaking ceremony with Pastor Isaac and Pastor Patrick./p>

the crew at Matunda Baptist Church.  Building at Matunda is a learning experience for Mike, seeing how the local folks use tools, and they are very competent and skilled with limited tools.  for example the level they use is a hose filled with water…..and it works well!   Mike learned a new technique for accurately using a plumb bob!  The stone is all re-used material and the fellows clear off the old mortar before accurately setting the stones in the trench.  Local tradition dictates that visitors do not work, so Pastor Isaac has been introducing the men of the church into job sharing with the teams who come to help, but Mike was never allowed to carry water!!   Lots of learning for everyone.  The church itself is an established building, and this project is adding two rooms to the back wall for the pastors office and a teaching/meeting room.



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Week 3 saw the building this far.

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