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Hi Folks,
Pastor Blake & Lynda from Penticton, Canada on behalf of the PureLoveNow Krew in Kenya with some recent developments and news.

First off I want to welcome all the folks that we met at Mission Fest in Edmonton, Alberta and Global Citizen Kelowna, British Columbia.  You were an inspiration and a huge blessing for us!  So many of you spent time getting to know Lorna’s vision and what PureLoveNow is all about and you encouraged us to keep working on behalf of the next generation in Kenya.  Thank You from the whole PureLoveNow team.    You can’t possibly know how much it means to each member.  And they want you all to know that they pray that God will bless you abundantly for the encouragement you’ve shown. 

It was amazing to see the generosity of those at these two events.  In Kelowna we were approached by one man who is developing houses and buildings that can be shipped in containers anywhere in the world and put up with a minimal amount of effort and training in less than a week.   They are extremely light weight and very durable, (a 50 year guarantee!) completely water and mold resistant and so much more.  When he saw the Pure Life Center he spoke of how his organization could help with those structures and the cost would be significantly less than traditional building even in Kenya!  Since they only need assembly and even that takes very little time the whole compound could be put together in less than a month.  Even the shipping containers would be repurposed into support buildings.    Currently the units have been tested in places like Haiti after the earth quakes and other disaster areas.  We’ll be keeping in touch with him.

Both at Edmonton and Vancouver Mission Fests we were approached by an Architectural Firm from Calgary that offered to send a team of Architects to our site and develop the plans to Kenyan building codes and Canadian specifications.  This organization would send the whole team of Architects do so for the price of one ticket to Kenya and food and board while they are there.   What a Blessing!  All we need next is enough money to come in for the land.   http://purelovenow.org/build/

In Edmonton I met many folks but one couple blew me away with both their heart for mission and their immediate generosity.  They helped pay this month’s rent in Kitale!  It was like God knew we were short a bit on rent and they were his instruments of keeping a room over the heads of the staff in Kenya.
Speaking of staff check out http://purelovenow.org/contact-us/staff-2013/ .  Get to know the folks who are on the ground and please please please keep them in your prayers.  Some of the places they have to go are very dangerous…and some of the big momma’s and pimps are vengeful when the children leave their business of prostitution.

Someone asked me in Kelowna if we only help “Christian” kids off the streets.  I assured them that we don’t check their denominational ties or discriminate in any way as we are cleaning the filth off of those who have been abused sometimes 10 to 15 times a day for months on end.   They don’t have to say the sinner’s prayer to be treated with pure love.  We see all children and youth as those who were made in the image and likeness of God and help them to learn to trust that God wants more for them than the abuse that mankind has shown them.   On my last trip over I met a young Muslim at one of our weekly meetings who was so thankful for the safe place to be with peers and the support and encouragement from DJ, Jimmy and Lorna.  If memory serves me right, around the room was not only Kenyan but Indian, Ugandan and Sudanese kids.   And we never force anyone to leave or withhold pure love if they don’t accept “Christ as their Saviour”.   But we do teach from the Bible, principles of pure love, compassion and mercy with forgiveness as seen in the life of Jesus.

This month PureLoveNow Krew was invited to several schools in the Kitale area bringing a team of excited youth who danced and sang and energized audiences to receive the good news.  More than 2500 children learned about love that is pure and how to escape from becoming victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking.  Jimmy and Lorna and others of the team helped the children to know they were valuable in God’s sight and NOT objects to be abused.  The response to the good news was amazing and unfortunately tearful as well.   The Krew seldom, if ever, leave such an event without speaking to kids who have broken with taboo and spoken of their abusive relationships.   As a father, I cry every time I hear the stories Lorna relays.  She’s right!  Someone has to do something about this!  Is that someone you?

In February, another mission agency in Kenya approached Lorna to help a suicidal pregnant teenager.   Upon meeting the young lady Lorna found out that she was raped by an officer of the law about seven months ago.  She didn’t realize that she was pregnant at first and kept quiet about what had happened.  She felt ashamed.  Upon realizing her condition, she broke the news to her mother and step-father, who then got angry and abusive and threw the young lady out on the streets.  Her mother had little choice in the matter because she was next if she went against her husband.  Mom put what little money she had in the youth’s hands and sent her off to the big city with about enough for a day or two in a “beyond seedy” motel.  There are no social safety nets in Kenya.  This girl would have to turn to prostitution or die of starvation for jobs are few and far between. She knew no one…what would YOU do?
Despondent and quickly out on the streets this girl decided suicide was better than prostitution.  God miraculously directed her path to the other mission agency who immediately thought of Lorna for counselling. The two connected and now she is placed in a safe rental and has seen a doctor for the first time in the pregnancy.  But funds on hand don’t permit an ultrasound or hospital delivery to be done.   Lorna and the team chose to live on  less for the next few months so that this young girl can just live.  In a couple of months when the baby is born and she’s able PLN will help her find a job but until then she needs pureloveNOW.

A quick note From Lorna:
“In the past week we have had elections. We thank God that it has been peaceful in most areas including ours. We fear it may change in the next couple of days as they still haven’t announced the Presidential verdict. However they did announce the Governor and Senate. One of the losing Governor candidates was in town yesterday trying to start a riot, people were looting, but it was quickly shut down when police arrived. Please continue to also pray for our safety and for peace in the country.

On another note, we were recently approached by a woman for help. She is pretty ill and has not been working and the father died. The woman told us that the way she saw it her babies (two beautiful young ladies) would have to go into working at night in order to go to school. As we talked with her we realized this woman was serious that she would send the girls to work as prostitutes. Disgusted by the fact that mom had no choice in the matter we agreed to pay part of their school fees. We will be visiting and following up on the girls twice per month. The girls are in the equivalent of grade 10 and grade 12. We paid $60 for their school fees but they are still in need!”

You could help couldn’t you?  You could GO and help PureLoveNow in Kenya to show pure love to children and youth or help the Team with your talents. You could GIVE to extend pure love to the youth of Kenya on your behalf.   Or you could PRAY for those who do go and our team of Kenyan’s who live to show pure love.  Or perhaps you could arrange a fund-raiser and help others support PureLoveNow.   How will you help?   Please let us know soon.

This month Lorna and Jimmy and the Krew really need your financial support.   Their rent went up in Kitale and so has the cost of food and basics of life.  The extra cost of the young lady I spoke of is about $100/mo.   Their team fasts when they run out of supplies and would just as soon not have to ask but their mission is too critical not to ask.    Can you give up a cup of coffee a day and put the proceeds towards Purelove each month?  How about foregoing one dinner out and sent the money you would have spent their way?   It truly will make a difference in their life and the people they help. 

Blessings!   Pastor Blake & Lynda

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