Road Trip- L.I.F.E. to BUSIA

A 2 hour travel trip managed to take us a little over 4 hours as we had some challenges along the way.  The first encounter was a very unfortunate head on accident that had  just happened on the highway.  Our team sprang into action, nurses assisting injured, men providing traffic control and helping to extricate passengers still stuck in their seat belts in crushed vehicles. A cry went up for ‘air time’ as cell phones were borrowed and used to call home and inform families of the mishap.   In all, it appeared a dozen people (or more) were involved in the crash between a loaded mini van BUS and a pickup truck loaded with hay, and possibly a third vehicle also.  The Kenyans instantly provided several empty pick up trucks and the injured were rushed to the local hospital in Kitale, about 10 minutes away.

The next character forming opportunities were much more routine, as finding and using public restroom facilities is challenging here in Kenya!!  We are so fortunate to have Jimmy Mugwe as our driver. His expertise in managing the Kenyan roads (that are liberally carpeted with giant potholes) is becoming legendary!!!

Safe but late arrival in Busia meant lunch was ready and then a quick return to the Busia Gospel Centre for the afternoon teaching time with Pastor Blake and Pastor Gail

Tonight we are housed in private quarters on a farm of some sort in our own  3bedroom house.  (it is far too dark to be sure of what this gated community is all about, but tomorrow we shall discover!   Alarm is set for 6, pickup is 7pm, breakfast 7;30 and prayers 8;30.  I think Gail is the first speaker tomo…(needs to be shorter) .  We have already been informed sessions run right through to 10pm tomo evening, so it will be a very long day.  Pix will come later!


pix posted tuesday morning:

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