10 proven ways to make your marriage last 50 – 66 years or more!

Who said marriage is dead?  Today we exuberantly celebrated the institution of marriage!

10 couples who have been a part of Grace celebrated more than 585 years worth of marriage in total.  What was their secret?  How can you do it to?  Listen to the two clips below and find out how each couple managed more than 50 years and their marriages are still going strong!

But today was double special because it was the 66th anniversary of one of those couples, Len & Lillian Rempel. The church was packed out! And what we heard was inspiring to say in the least!  Each of these couples was asked what their secret was for longevity in marriage.   With most spanning more than 60 years in marriage …the couple with the least years having had 51 years to draw on for their wisdom … what they had to say may just help save your marriage!  And it will encourage even those with the strongest marriages to keep up the good fight.

In this first clip,  Walter & Irene, 60 years, Len & Lil, 66 years, Frank & Ruby, 63 years, Ben & Helen, 60 years, and Menno & Frieda, 60 years, tell what they believe is their secret to a great and long lasting marriage.

Below is the low rez small bandwidth version. (32mb)


In this second clip,  John & Susan, 60 years, Rudy & Laura, 60 years, Barney & Sara, 53 years, Helmut & Katie, 51 years, and Bill & Betty, 52 years, tell what they believe is their secret to a great and long lasting marriage.

Below is the low rez small bandwidth version. (36.4mb)

Below is the Rempel extended family singing the medley of old hymns they grew up on.


Below is Pastor Blake’s message entitled:  True Intimacy Must Exist for marriage to last this long!

Again this is a low bandwidth version.


Below is Councillor- Garry Litke (Acting Mayor-Penticton City) Bringing thanks for the fine example these couples are to our community.

We’ve separated the files into smaller easier to digest portion for our overseas and low bandwidth crowd.  (OK so that’s only partly the reason these files aren’t in the usual place)

Pastor Gail did a marvellous job in preserving a pictorial history and we’ll use her footage rather than the full video footage as the Wirecast machine hiccuped after the fifth couple began and it wasn’t noticed (sorry for those who were actually watching live). The audio was captured on our livestream.com server even after the video quit so with Pastor Gail’s pictures and Pastor Blake’s Powerpoints you’ll still get a feel for the marvellous day we experienced as we celebrated the faithfulness of God and the fellowship of those whom He knit together ’til death do they part!

Enjoy and be blessed!

Where Mennonite meet, Mennonites usually eat and today was no exception!  Just look and see!

This is the first five couples and the beginning of the service as recorded on our livestream server.

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