Nairobi blurs and bumps

This year I had to compress my mission to Kenya between the wonderful things going on at Grace and family commitments.  So every part of the journey other then the painfully long flights and layovers were compressed into as short a time as possible.  That of course means things become a blur.

Nairobi..was a day and a half of blur and bustle.  Do people still use that word?  Here’s how I defined it…running between moving vehicles who have no concept of pedestrian right of way and who I’m sure at times steer to see how close they can come to you.  And then there’s the people…multitudes of people!  Who insist on walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk!  Ok..well maybe it’s me… note to self…keep left.   But when they come from every angle all at once… which left?…the right one of course!   


It’s good to be back in Kenya.  Terrifying to get used to..a heart stress test to say in the least…lungs get a major workout  too…air so thick you can feel it.  Gas, desiel …smoke, stench, and smells of every kind…some of them quite wonderful.  Yes it’s Nairobi…not pretty…except for Mercy…but worth the hassle when you prepare for the rest of the journey.
Nairobi- miles and miles of shopping…eating…and pollution of the visual kind too!

Mosquitos…rain…what a night! Up at 3:30 …thanks Irene and skype for the update on JCM…

Hey!  Early time with God!  Awesome!  3:30 – 6:30am Amazing grace!  Grace enough for whatever this day brings. Bring it on!
It was time to leave Nairobi for Kitale.  We left the hotel before 8am..had one or two stops to make before departing…got out of Nairobi by 3:30pm and that was according to Jimmy  before the traffic really got bad…how can it get worse?  grid lock for 3-4 hours that’s how!  But Jim slipped the van through a spot that I wasn’t sure I could walk through and soon the stress gave way to the beautiful Rift valley with the sights and wonderful smells of Africa that keep me coming back.

I am always amazed how awesome our God is that with so many people on this planet He chooses to bless me!

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