Nairobi- prayer walk and long wait for the flight.

Today was a rest and pack day.  And of course no trip to Nairobi would be complete without some more haggling and an enjoyable walk to the Parlament and through Uhurah and Central Park.  We thoroughly enjoyed the sunny day…Gail turned red skin.
As one walked through the city it was evident that new security measures were everywhere.  Gail couldn’t even take photos of the Parliament buildings or grounds but was refreshed as she was given the green light to snap away in the parks.
As we walked the Presidents motorcade drove past sirens blaring. As usual I prayed as I walked and asked the Lord many questions about this great land of Kenya.  Some answers were quickly forthcoming.  I’m sure they will be disclosed in sermons in the weeks ahead.
As a team we had a final devotion time with Pastor Tim who reminded us from God’s word that our efforts were noticed by Him and blessings would follow.

Gails take on today….

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