Odds n ends

A long time ago in a land far away we had some planning meetings and one team member was concerned…WOULD THERE BE PEANUT BUTTER IN KENYA???  the funny thing now the question is…”Will there be any peanut butter left when we leave Kenya???”  

DId we eat all the peanut butter in Kenya???

Yes, generous amounts of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches follow the team everywhere we go.  Easy to pack, easy to share, quick and filling and digestible by all.  Breakfasts are most often a large bowl of mixed fresh fruits and eggs in some variety…boiled, fried, scrambled, or french toast.  Coffee is strangely difficult to find in Kenya, even though this country grows good coffee for export.   Most of us have fallen in love with “Kenya Tea” , especially ginger Kenya tea, and will happily share samples when we get home.

And what is that noise??  Bird??  insect???  Nope. Blake returned from a walk today saying that big tree is full of MONKIES!!  guess where gail and the camera will go tomo??

Does anyone in Canada know what the temperature is here in Kitale (or Eldoret)???  For the Kenyans it is either hot, very hot, or cold!  temperature variations have little meaning here.  Every day has its thunderstorm.  Today was a very light short rain shower as the storms skirted us.

Today Mike checked in with a doctor to see about an earache, and came away with a prescription to treat the infection…nothing serious!!  but the cash cost for the doctor was 300 shillings… about $3.50Canadian!!!!!!!!!

So far we have had only 2 flat tires…nothing traumatic, as they were actually slow leaks that were fixed with no major inconvenience.







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