Simatwet- Devotions Matter

“Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the LORD that will stand.” (Proverb’s 19:21, ESV)

Today we got a late start and missed our morning devotions.  This is never a good thing when on a mission trip. Everything from that point on went late.  We ended up missing our morning ministry because the dentist was late and then he took a long time before realizing that mom’s crown wasn’t going to fit.  We’ll have to retry next week for that.  By then it was noon. So late already we paused to eat. A quick bite at Vision gate for Jimmy, Mike and Gail, Blake & Lynda found some of the biggest chapatis ever. Here is Gail’s great picture of it:

wonderful chapaties at VisionGate

Unfortunately Jimmy’s chicken was way under cooked, which he immediately recognized and chose not to eat. When the waiter was confronted with this he asked that we kindly pay the bill as it would come out of his pocket if we refused. More grace! The waiter then took the chicken back to the kitchen and dipped it into the deep fryer. I think that piece later went to the dogs.
We finally arrived at 1:30pm in Simatwet for our 10:30am morning session.  |
This little village is about 45 minutes down what looked more like a goat trail or creek bed then a road. But the beauty of this area was fantastic.

Faith Baptist Church Simatwet

Our meeting place Faith Baptist Church Simatwet, Kenya

Upon arriving there we found out that our Pastor’s training day turned into a regular church service as many from Fafarol (Choir) and others from surround churches had shown up for the service.  They walked all the way from Fafarol, about a half hour drive by van.  Talk about dedication!
Pastor Blake was to preach fist.  (See the video here for his messages when it becomes available. )

Then Pastor Gail spoke and tied the two messages together.

And of course when the preaching was done it was time to eat and fellowship.  Pastor Gail took tons of pictures and then Pastor Isaac borrowed her camera and took a bunch more.

(Her slide show will appear here in the days ahead).

On our return trip to Kitale we were invited to stop by Pastor Tim’s.  We enjoyed a spot of chai, and some mendazzy  at Pastor Tim and Sally’s .  And yes we took more pictures!

Oh…I forgot to mention…as we got back to the main road off the goat trail Jimmy noticed that a few gears we not working.  No 1,2 5 or R.  At least we had two forward gears 3,4 to get us home. So rather than heading straight home for supper  back to the garage we went. Turns out the rough roads knocked out a rubber stoper on the gear box that allowed the gear to switch.  Total cost of this repair?  600ksh including labour.  1 hour later and we were heading for home…late agin  7 pm…supper was late at 8 but I didn’t make it to that.  I was so exausted by this day that I went straight to bed when we got home and slept for 3 hours.

Wow this day flew by.  Check out Catherine’s blog for what the nurses did today…it was a very special one for them too!

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