All in one Sunday – April 29

power-outage candlelight dining

WOW, just survived close to 24 hours without any electricity! Water still runs in the house even when the power is out (unlike some homes) but that means cold showers, no tea, and no baking, no refrigeration. Also, no reading in the dark, no computers, no internet, no recharging camera batteries, and if the cell phones died, no recharging them either!! We sure get accustomed to the electricity and take it for granted!! The stovetop is gas, so camping style meals are always possible. Good thing it was a Sunday and we were out and about in the community churches and in an PureLoveYouth community concert all afternoon. During the afternoon thunderstorm the power went out at the concert too, but that preacher could shout over the crowd with no problem!

Sunday morning the team split up, Pastor Tim (Jimmys brother) drove Pastor Blake,

WALLS are up at Matunda

Lynda and Mike off to Fafarol to preach and visit, and after they were treated to a rice and chicken lunch. On the road trip back to Kitale they stopped to see the progress on the building project at Matunda.The walls and trusses are up! those men have had a busy busy week on the site!

we jumped the 'Grand Canyon"

Betty, Catherine, Jimmy, young George and Pastor Gail slipped just south of town to Mailisaba (mileseven) to share the worship service with a little church only in their new building for 3 weeks! They have worked hard over the property that Pastor Blake prayed over on his visit last year.

Mailisaba GRACE Church family

The building and roof are up, the wooden shutters on the window openings, but the mud packed floor still needs a more permanent finish, and the septic field still needs to be finished, and a bridge over the ‘grand canyon’ would assist crossing the creek!! After church and photos, all the visitors and the local dignitaries planted trees at the perimeter of the property, (but no lunch for us…bottled water, peanuts and granola bars filled the need). Ashley and Lorna stayed at the house making (frying) cookies and popcorn to sell at the afternoon concert as a fundraiser.

The afternoon concert was indeed an “Event”!
Scheduled to begin at 2;00,few folks had yet arrived. By just after 3:00 things started to pick up,and various singers and dancers and gospel preachers took their turns on the stage. Our friend and co-worker with PureLoveNow, a young chap called Ram Daddy was having his LAUNCH!! his first Music CD has been cut and was for sale, all the preachers present layed hands on Ram and prayed and commissioned his ministry of music, his family and parents were introduced, and then the singing and dancing began again! The thunder crashed right along with the music, and the torrential downpour added its rhythm to the drumbeats!! Quite the experience.

Pix will follow as soon as I can process them!

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