Suswa-Jumping for Joy with the Masai

From Nakuru we had an early start and headed for Suswa.
This was a small village in Maasai territory. And the church was located about 8-10kms into the bush from Suswa.

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The heavy rains have wreaked havoc on the trails between the village and the church. We had some great off-roading to do to get to it and even ford some rain runoff in places.

Jimmy skilfully maneuvered through mud bogs and plenty of sculptured carpets to get us there safely. During the rainy season one must always be ready to move on a moments notice or ready to camp out until the way opens up again.
I have several pictures of where the road was washed out. Even the highway wasn’t exempt. One loaded transport tried to push through the current and ended up on it’s side. We saw it both coming and going. On the return trip they were trying to put it back on it’s wheels when the cables snapped.

This was the first church where the people weren’t waiting for us as we arrived. But it wasn’t long before the place started filling up.
The Bishop for the Maasai churches we visted welcomed us and the praise and worhip was delightful and full of joy.

Gail began this ministry day speaking on the Great Commission.

Pastor Blake gave a message on the cross and the power of forgiveness and prayed with those who first off needed to know Jesus and secondly the pastor and leaders of the churches represented.
Then we were all given some colourful expressions of gratitude by the church ladies.

And of course, one can not rush away even if afternoon rains are pressing in. We were treated the the tradition meal of the Maasai: goat meat and chapatis and soda pop (I think that was a treat for the westerners.)

Members of this church dream big and have already began seeing the fruit of their dreams with a Primary School being built. About 500 children from ECS to level 8 are taught by a team of dedicated teachers in this very rural classroom.
The church is also looking to expand their present facility and so the Bishop and Pastor of the church showed us to the foundation they began about three years ago before drought settled in. Their herds dwindled and so too did their livelihood. But the foundation remains and is solid. We walked and prayed over this foundation and trusted with the end to the drought that the larger multi-purpose building would one day again spring up from the ground. Currently the Sunday meeting spread out in the open with people crowding the smaller church you see in the videos. About 200-300 crowd around when weather permits many walking for hours to find joy and fellowship in Spirit filled congregation.

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