The Long Road Home.

Every great adventure has to end sometime but ours will never be over on this side of eternity.  Monday was slated as a travel day.  Betty asked what time do we leave and what time do we arrive in Nakuru? The answer for both questions was “Monday”.
The van made an early morning appearance at the mechanics to tighten bolts and fix a flat.

off they goooooooo

Then momma Lynda went back to the dentist for a crown. 
She was adventuresome with taking a piki as her mode of transportation…
I think Gail shot pix of her as she left for town on Kitale’s

Lorna, are you SURE this thing is safe???

finest…Jimani Transport. Next it was a teary farewell for the team after a short devotion and then we piled into the van.
First stop Pastor Tim’s property to pray for a house to grow out of the land.
Next we picked up Pastor Isaac and said good bye to Sarah but not before some extra gifts were exchanged.

Then we made it a few more miles down the road to the town of Fafarol.
Doreen Ojema’s clinic apply named Imani was our brief stop there.  Imani means faith.  We added to her faith some much needed supplies for this nursing clinic.  And blessed her.  She too surprised us with some hand made gifts…one for each member of our team.  Doreen is an orphan and God surely loves orphans who in faith seek to help others.
We also said good bye to pastor Patrick and Blake received a hat from him so that I could preach under the trees in the days ahead.
When do we get to Nakuru Betty asked again….Monday is the time.

Our next stop was for lite lunch at bout 3:30 at Eldoret, POA Place…the chicken was fantastic! The chai was the most expensive we have ever paid– 200ksh.  But the main dishes were very reasonable. Lunch took a while…but we were still on schedule…it was about Monday.
From Eldoret we made it as far as Galilaya where we stopped to drop off some meds that the nurses felt the folks there needed.  The very happy Pastor met us at the side of the road and thanked us once again for coming to that little church outside of Burnt Forest.  He reported again how the healing had begun for his congregation.  All Glory to God!

As we continued down the road the heavy rains left heaps of water everywhere..but not so much that we couldn’t stop at the equator for a picture. And as we were right on time this posed no hardship on our schedule…it is still monday!.
We arrived right on time in Nakuru…6:30pm for Betty’s watch.   We stayed at the same hotel as last time and even in the same rooms.  I highly recommend the Avenue Suites and do take the breakfast option…it was delicious and very much worth it.  I shot some video clips from my 5th floor balcony that I’ll post here later.  The hot showers were very nice! Tomorrow it’s off to Maasai Territory.

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