Kapenguria and West Pokot and Adventure in Ministry

Heading up Mt Elgon we were in for a treat and some suprises.  In Pokot is a lovely little village over the shoulder of the mountain into the dry ‘desert’.  Long before we got there we were unexpectedly stopping at a little Bible College, and Blake spoke to encourage the students, and pray for them.   One student is also a nurse, just arriving from a night shift, and she wreathed Catherine and Betty with dainty bead necklaces and  thanked them for coming.  These folks all are so glad to see the visitors.  Back into the van, on and up into the hills,  tiny church with enthusiastic worship waited eagerly for us to arrive.  The banging drum served several purposes, including letting the villagers know we had arrived. Gail spoke to the gathering about marriage, family and menfolk who were strong in the Lord and able to raise up the next generation of leaders.  The church had all adults seated in the first few rows, and the back rows filled with “watoto’s”… the Children!!  Once again off we went into the van and up over the crest of the hill…down down down to find a valley church.  The van was pretty hot by the time we arrived, and so to aid cooling, we parked in the shade of a great tree next to the 10-12foot tall ant hill!!!  Folks had been waiting for us so they quickly arrived.  There were about13 pastors who had travelled from the outlying north and west Pokot district churches especially for today.  Again, the drum calls to worship, and the music and dancing begins.  There were 3 languages present-English, Kiswahili and Pokot…so Gail spoke in English with a Swahili translation, while the pastor took copious notes and then he paraphrased and gave a condensed message in Pokot.  Then on to sermon #2!!!  Blake spoke of LIFE…Loving Intentionally for Eternity, with the translation I think into Pokot.  LUNCH!  wow, we were spoiled, with chicken, rice and beans.  A lovely and necessary tradition is the pot of warm water and the washing bowl that is offered to the hands of each guest.  After lunch all the formal introductions happened and we were delighted to be gifted with carved wooden ‘bowls’!  AMAZING!

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