Nzoia – Little church with a big vision!

A tired but satisfied Catherine says Tuesday was fullfilling, completed!! Another hectic medical camp…over 200 patients attended, and the team included the same Dr Bromwell and the student nurses.

The van left the house at 7:00 am and returned after dark at 7:30pm! Tuesday for Lynda was special as she was able to minister to a mom with an autistic child. A very special time of encouragement! For Mike Tuesday was a people day as he got to play with camera and kids and make peanut butter sandwiches. Mike is really impressed with the patience of the folks waiting for the clinic. Gail spent the day as house mom, cooking supper (soup, salad, fresh biscuits), fixing lights and chairs and using the computer, and taking her first pickipicki ride into town!.

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Nzoia was one of the churches that Pastor Blake spoke at last year in Kenya.  God knit Pastor Roland and Pastor Blake together during that brief visit and this church was a must for Team 2012.  Along with the medical camp the children were ministered to by Pastor Jimmy, and Lorna and Ashley spent time just playing games and learning some new songs.

Nzoia Christian Centre and New Hope Education Centre is a church and school community.

A write up detailing their history and vision states:

Nzoia is a scheme whose first settlers occupied the land in 1963.  Todate the land is occupied by up to the third generation.  Their have been about twenty religions in this small area.  The settlers rejected God hence the place was left by God. For so long the area has been in need of salvation.  The church Nzoia Christian Centre was planted majorly to reach the young people in the area for Christ the Savior.

We have realized that to reach the young generation, we must have the school because by running a school we shall be able to reach the two hundred homes which settled the area.  Our school (New Hope Education Centre) was begun in the year 2004 and is now running up to standard five.  We have one hundred and thirty pupils.  The learning facility is in a very small compound of 100ft by 120ft in which we have also built the church structure.  

We have a vision to build an Hospital in the near future.  When we have the three; The school, the Hospital and the Church together we shall be done.  The school will take care of the academic standards, the Hospital will give medical services whereas the Church will provide spiritual standards for the society.

Challenges We Are Facing

1. Land

The school we are running as a primary school is expected to grow up to the university or college level in the future.  However before we are up there, soon our classes need to be expanded and increased in number.  In addition to this we are demanded to have a boarding facility as our school is nearly headed to the Kenyan national examination.

Looking at my explanation you wil find out that the greatest challenge we are facing urgently is a piece of land.  Seemingly if we do not get help quickly, our vision might be stuck.

2. Finances

Both the short term and long term visions needs finances to be completed.

Our Call

We are calling for all well wishers who will read this vision to pray for us and give us tangible support for us to be able to accomplish our vision.  Habakkuk 2:2 (NIV)
2 Then the LORD replied: “Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it.

Please reach us through the following:

Pastor Ronald Kebati

Phone 0710916572


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