back at home, unpacked, but still floating in memories and movies and 8815 photographs!!! (aren’t you glad i only selected a few to share ;-))

I had been soooo prepared to take fun underwater photos, but the little 2nd hand camera packed it in on the first oceanic adventure, so we rented a nice little Sony from the dive shop and kept it all three weeks.

Snorkling at Makena Landing was my favorite, with the back side of Molokini a close second. A large variety of animals, clear water and little surf to mash us around. On one adventure, we swam around the point at Makena and it turned out the next beach was not sand but stone cobbles!!! safe, yes, but a little bruised by the time we landed on shore. That was the day we saw the octopus!! not like the North Pacific giant octopus, but still a delightful discovery!

As you can see from the pix, on most dives we were excited to find the turtles visiting us…. most of them large mature adults. they seem to ignore us snorklers, simply sailing by effortlessly with a flip. There is an easy way to tell the sexes apart, and that is the tail… for reasons i do not know, the male has a very identifiable large tail.

The day of the kayak adventure has very few photos… not only was i getting very wet with each wave that whipped by, but the wind was blowing fairly steadily and much paddling was necessary, but also that day an entire pod of whales wanted the right of way in the bay and we had to paddle away from them for the safety of all!!! great fun, and our guide was a terrific teacher and sportsman! If you ever go to Maui I recommend him and his wife for first timers to get a true taste of safe and fun kayaking!!

Thanks for all your interest and comments, I am so glad many of you enjoyed your vicarious vacation!!

blessings and ALOHA til next holiday excursion!


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