Getting Married in Kenya – a Big Deal!

Preaching, music, preaching, music, preaching and finally the preacher said it was time to make the main thing the main thing!!!   Getting these two lovely young folks married!!  Jesus was definately the center of the festivities as bold, loud praise music vibrated throughout the huge church.  Wedding sermon was Genesis and a scattering of proverbs admonishing the husband and wife to support, love, sharpen and companion each other for all their lives.   A large compressor out the side door made sure the on again off again electricity did not impede the ceremonies.

The enormous church is made of concrete with huge open grated windows and a tin roof, it was airy and at the same time, a bit like a reflector bake oven as we sat under its sun scorched tin heating.  As many seats in the church remained empty, I began to wonder what was up?? Where were the guests??… and soon the happy noise answered…..a hundred or so guests were waiting in the big upper dirt parking lot for the bridal car to arrive, and they danced around and around the car, and clapped and sang and shouted and had a wonderful happy time celebrating    before anything even began in the church.

At the beginning of the exchange of vows, the preacher made us all chuckle as he gave each partner opportunity to change their minds, and duck out,  and when they said Yes, they wanted to go ahead, he asked each one several times “‘are you sure???” We arrived at 10;30am and the ‘I do’s” happened at 1:44pm!!  Our little group left soon after, but we were told the festivities would go on all afternoon and into the evening.

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