When Faith CC meets Grace MB it’s PLN

PureLoveNow is connected to both Faith Community Church in Kitale and Grace MB Church in Penticton through the founding couple.  The son of Faith Community Church Jimmy met the daughter of Grace MB Church Lorna and it was Pure Love!

Throughout our time in Kitale this year we interacted with PureLoveNow ministries at a number of events.

The focus of PureLoveNow can be seen on their website at http://purelovenow.org  Youth and young adults are the main foci but with several twists.  I encourage you to read all about it on their website.  God has blessed this couple with quite a vision for the next generation.

On this page you’ll find clips from various events that we had the opportunity to sow into the lives of young people in Kitale the message of L.I.F.E. and the hope of the Gospel of Christ.  As time permits I’ll add to this collection so visit more than once!

Clips 1-5 were from a  day long youth Bible Study and Praise time.  This was inside the house where we as a team stayed as the weather was liquid.  Pastor Blake shared the gospel through the story of the wilderbeast on the African plains…together they are strong but separated from the herd they become easy prey for lions and hyenas   Apart from Christ you can do nothing at all!

Here’s a snapshot of the various times that Grace interacted directly with PureLoveNow Youth Ministies.

In this clip Jimmy is leading in a praise time.

We had several opportunities to interact one on one and with the group as a whole.

As Grace Team we hosted the group feeding them bbq goat and chapitis…sumawiki…rice

After Ashley’s birthday cake Jimmy once again shared the gospel with the youth and then prayed and sent them on their way…after they cleaned the place up of course!

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