Yuya – Question T.I.M.E.

The roads, if you can call them that, are clouds of dust as the rains have held off for a day. But the signs of the rain were certainly evident as the ruts were deep enough to bottom out the van. Somehow the drive seems much farther this year than my first visit to this rural church with Pastor Tim just two years ago. Last year on these roads the Peugeot lost its muffler causing Pastor Tim to do emergency reconstruction on the fly, didn’t seem to take as long.
My thoughts questioned… why are we going here? As the road seemed to smother me in dust. What can a Pastor who doesn’t know the language, who is technically a geek at heart possibly have to offer a church that has no electricity and who’s only technology, a Yamaha keyboard that partially works and is powered by an old car battery?
As the church comes together they sing their hearts out to The Lord with the keyboard hitting only the occasional note. A joyful noise to The Lord!
At one point as Jimmy goes to the front and starts to lead the worship to a new level it seemed as though heaven opened and God yelled teach them the word. They need to know what God says about the things that plague them. My 45min sermon transforms into a Bible study and the questions don’t stop coming for what seemed 2-3 hours. And about everyone participated…yes even the woman…in a way that I haven’t seen nor expected. And all on topic. Witchcraft! And the curses that have caused them so much grief.
As we finished a well rehearsed skit erupted and again on topic. The video clip will appear here in a couple of days.
But let me describe it for you. The opening scene is a woman who is clearly a cultural witch opening her shop and waiting for clients.


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